Review by Emma Jackson – Performance of 23rd July 2022

Very rarely do you get to see the same show more than once – especially in less than a month. But it would seem 2022 is the year of Jersey Boys, and personally, I am more than happy to hear the songs made famous by the legendary Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, all over again.

I ventured to Altona this weekend to see Altona City Theatre Company’s production of ‘Jersey Boys – The story and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’.

The stage was minimalist but allowed the stars and the story to shine through and unlike some productions, this time the band was right up onstage with the cast, smartly hidden amongst the set. A great choice which showcased the one-of-a-kind sound The Four Seasons were famous for. Elias Jabour – as close to a perfect casting as I’ve ever seen – brought Frankie Valli to life in way that was so honest and natural, it was simply beautiful. Luke Bortignon, playing hit songwriter Bob Gaudio, was frankly, brilliant. The two together looked effortless and were perfect.

Tommy Devitto and Nick Massi are the final members of the original four seasons. Devitto is equal parts vital and problematic in the story and Kurt Russo delivered, with a strong performance to be remembered. Warren Logan brought the quiet melody man Nick Massi to life, with an energy that caught your attention and held you captive when he spoke.

The ensemble, smaller than some productions go for, delivered with each character they played. Ensemble has a tough job because they play more than one role and this group never missed a beat. Special mention to swing Angus Fitzpatrick who stepped into the role of Joe Pesci for this performance and nailed it – the best portrayal of this character I’ve seen so far. 

There wasn’t anyone chasing a gag, there wasn’t anyone trying to be the centre of attention and the performance of ‘Can’t take my eye’s off of you’ may as well have been an entire concert it was THAT good.

Congratulations to the entire team – this is one to be exceptionally proud of!

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