Review by Ellen Jarman (MPA Vice President 2023)

It’s not very often you have a chance to experience a world debut of a brand new musical. ‘Alex and Jordan & the Null Hypothesis’ was nothing short of a modern, comedic work of art. With fresh, exciting music, an even fresher cast and a set that instantly gave the “Ohhh this is interesting” impression, the audience smiled and laughed from the first note to the final bows.

The story itself was captivating… one that I would have never considered to be thrown into a musical setting. Its twists and turns, the one liner jokes and the dark humour was refreshing to see on stage. Not only did the plot bring laughter, but also allowed the audience to pause for self-reflection, as there was a fair amount of back-handed compliments and criticism of the world we currently live in, with a solid dash of good, old romance thrown into the mix.

The cast did a fantastic job at making each character their own, and forcing the audience to connect with them instantly… not an easy feat when the characters are being built from scratch! They were quirky, loveable and relatable.

The new and exciting music, with obvious influence from Muse and Ben Folds, was executed beautifully by both band and cast. It was a fresh and welcome treat for the ears. The leads and ensemble did an exceptional job executing some very tricky harmonies and sung with conviction and emotion throughout the show, obviously feeling very deeply for the characters they had created.

This musical brings some much needed laughter and love into the modern world of 2023, and it was an absolute pleasure and honour to experience history in the making.

A huge congratulations to Tim Francis, Justin Bell and the entire team. Looking forward to the next chapter of ‘Alex and Jordan & the Null Hypothesis’!